What do we Offer? offers a complete service, from concept creation through to project development, editing, and duplication. Both editorial and technical services are provided in-house, promoting speed, client convenience, and quality control. High quality audio-visual productions are not just about technology and equipment, the rendering of special effects or the speed of the hard drives. Granted, today’s digital audience expects a certain level of technical quality – but an audience needs, most of all, an ‘experience’ – something that compels you to stop, look and listen.

Through video production we continue to re-present the time-honoured storytelling art form, the oldest medium for effective education and entertainment. We also recognize the ways in which technology and communications are rapidly changing. Our productions aim at combining and striking an appropriate balance between new presentation formats and traditional values & quality.

Our work is the unique blend of talent and experience that our dedicated staff and contributors apply to all projects. Their backgrounds in television, commercial art, 3D animation and music, give us a distinct edge in developing the core components of any successful project. Working as a team, we build projects that fulfil your goals, whether it is to train, inform, or sell.

The Approach

Our team approach includes our clients as an integral part of the whole creative process. The client’s understanding of the project’s direction and content is invaluable. No one is more qualified to determine the presentation’s goals and desired end-results better than the person or persons commissioning the presentation. Our clients’ active participation in the development of the presentation is therefore something we actively encourage. Our team has the vision, know-how, technology, creativity, and experience to deliver outstanding solutions to our clients by focusing on their specific needs and fashioning media options to precise specifications.


We maintain enhanced Betacam SP EFP units with fully mobile light & sound support kit. Our cameras and audio crews are then the ones who translate all the conceptual ideas into a creative and visually forceful reality. From classic to edgy, historical to contemporary, at we use a variety of production techniques to develop a message uniquely suited to your needs.

Video Editing

The core of our video post-production facility is In-Sync’s Speed Razor Digital Editing Suite. Speed Razor is the most powerful non-linear video editing and compositing software. Speed Razor is the choice of video and film editors, animators, and other cutting-edge professionals for video editing, real-time audio mixing, and effects compositing. It is here that we edit and master programs for TV broadcast, mass duplication, DVD, CD-ROM and Internet. In addition to our resident director, cameramen, soundmen and editors we book full production crews to meet even the tightest deadlines.


Audio is an essential component of any production and offers audio facilities that are tailor-made to enhance any and every production. At all audio requirements are catered for, conforming to standards that are of the highest quality. Production music and a vast array of sound effects are available from our extensive library, or, made to measure in-house to suit the project and the client’s specific criterion. Our recording/mixing suite is served by a fully soundproofed voice-over booth, software which is unique in this field, Sonic Foundry Vegas Pro and Sound Forge including Gold Native bundle plug-ins, and much more. We are also equipped with AKG and Sony microphones as well as audio and video monitoring for automatic dialog replacement.


Recording video on media other than the traditional tape format is rapidly becoming the norm. VHS is still widely used for distribution, but so are CDs and DVDs. In actual fact DVD is set to become the new video distribution media. Stunning digital picture quality, interactivity, multi-camera angles, pictures, text, surround sound – all these maximize your programming and presentation potential by no small means. also offers the latest in digital video based DVD presentation solutions. Whether you are developing content for an important boardroom presentation, a multilingual international corporate communication, or electronic promotions for your tradeshow, has your custom solution. can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, through state of the art facilities and dedicated professional staff. is capable of producing impressive and effective multimedia presentations delivered via the Web, CD-ROM and DVD.


Using the latest in 2D and 3D technologies is able to offer state-of-the-art post-production graphic injections and visual effects. Some of the 3D services include Full Motion Animations, Virtual Studio Sets, Environment Creation, Product Creations and much more. 2D services range from Extensive Image Manipulation to Custom graphic making.

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