PortfolioDeeMedia takes great pride in it’s work and has vast experience within the video production and media industry.

Using state of the art technology and professional studios, our productions will definitely meet your expectations.

The list below will give you a better idea on the various media productions entrusted to DeeMedia.tv, including popular TV series such as “Wirt F-il Periklu”, “eZone”, “Delitti F’Malta” and the TVM Breakfast Show “Bongu” (http://www.bongu.tv)

Should you wish to contact us for more information on our media productions, please do so by using the contact details within the web site.



Programmes 2016-2017

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Media Production List

● “DOC” 5 minute daily programme on TVM and TVM2

● Din l-Art Helwa – “Wirt fil-Periklu” TV Series on TVM

● Ministry of Education – “Wirt Malta” TV Series on TVM

● MDC Corporate Video

● “eZone” TV Series (5 Schedules)  on Net TV

● Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti – Exhibition Video

● “Ipokriti” – filming of TV Series

● “F’Bahar Wiehed” – filming of TV Series

● “MiniBugz” daily programme on Net TV

● “Reporter” Current affairs discussion programmes on TVM

● Valetta Football Club – “Valletta Side” on Net TV

● Sliema Wanderers Football Club – “Sliema Review”  on Net TV

● Gov.mt – TV & Radio Adverts

● e-licensing – TV & Radio Adverts

● Malta Council for Science & Technology (MCST) – Corp Video

● Sedqa – Video

● “Ikompli” TV series on TVM

● “Bernie” – Kids TV series on Super One

● “Il-Mera” – TV series on Net TV

● “Delitti F’Malta” – TV series  on TVM

● “Kaktus” – Satirical TV series on Super One

● “Il-Qoxra”  – Boating TV series on TVM

● “Downforce”  – Formula 1 TV programmes on Melita Cable

● “Kick Off” – Football TV programmes on Melita Cable

● “Owkej” – Children’s TV series on TVM

● “Hawn Ahna” – Saturday afternoon quiz show on TVM

● “Ciijjzz” – satirical 5 minute slots

● “Owkej Sajf” – Children’s TV series

● “4 fost il-gimgha” – Education 22 Channel

● “118” – daily TVM series

● “Tini5” – daily TVM kids TV series

● “Bongu” – daily Breakfast Show on TVM

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