jordan-newWho are we? is an audio-visual production company equipped with state-of-the-art analogue and digital technology. The company also utilises the talents of many of the country’s foremost media professionals.’s premises in Cannon Road, Santa Venera, incorporates a fully equipped audio recording studio, digital video editing suites as well as the company’s administration office. Our TV studio is also fully equipped to broadcast live productions. specialises in all forms of audio-visual presentations including turnkey television productions and series. The company provides highly advanced pre- and post-production technology including a team of operators who are more than well versed in the latest production techniques.

The core operations and administration team of consists of experienced broadcasters and media operators whose varied backgrounds include the Public Broadcasting Services, Super 1 television, Net television, Melita Cable, Radio 101, Super 1 Radio, private satellite broadcasters and privately-owned AV production companies. operates on the principle of combining state-of-the art technology with the skills of the industry’s most talented professionals.

Production Priorities

● Will the production be noticed?
● Will it be remembered?
● Will it be effective?
● Will it work?

Creativity is foremost on our list of priorities and is one area where a great deal of effort is focused. Nevertheless we are also greatly concerned with the practical considerations of whatever we do and the end results that need to be obtained. This means that our productions are customized and tailor-made to meet your goals, to get the desired response, to be noticed and remembered by the people you want to address. Our goal is for our clients to meet their goals – our goal is for our productions to be effective – to work.

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